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For Hair-free Backs and Ultra Smooth Legs in Red Deer Stop by Divine Nails

Admit it, there’s something very appealing about the thought of having smooth, soft, flawless skin. Unfortunately, genetics and the aging process don’t always cooperate with our “idealized” vision. Shaving is a daily ritual many people suffer through to achieve their optimum appearance. And so, many people will endure the effects constant shaving can inflict. Nicks, rashes, stubble, ingrown hairs, redness and general irritation are par for the course with this regular upkeep. If it’s smooth legs you’re after, our Red Deer salon offers an alternate solution.

Waxing Divine nails

Break the shaving cycle for a truly hair-free experience! Divine Nails offers waxing services for men and women on all parts of the body. And guess what, this service is not as painful as you’ve been lead to believe!

Whether you’re feeling self-conscious about unwanted back hair, or you’re looking ahead to bikini season, our staff provides practical solutions that will leave you feeling smooth and revitalized. Waxing lasts longer than traditional shaving, and in many instances results in slower, lighter regrowth.

Waxing Menu

Eyebrows$15 and up
Upper Lip$10 and up
Chin$10 and up
Two Sides of Face$15 and up
Neck$15 and up
Full Face$50 and up
Underarms$20 and up
Half Arms$35 and up
Full Arms$55 and up
Lower Legs$35 and up
Upper Legs$40 and up
Full Legs$70 and up
Bikini$30 and up
French Bikini$35 and up
Brazilian$60 and up
Chest / Back$45 and up
Tummy$30 and up
Shoulders$25 and up
Toes$5 and up
Feet $10 and up
Hands$10 and up

Accentuate your facial features with our additional cosmetic services. Visit our salon for more information.