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5 April Nail Trends to Wear in 2022

Posted by: Bohdan
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5 April Nail Trends to Wear in 2022

Nail Trends to Wear in 2022

Nail Trends

#1: The Colourful French Tip

The French manicure is a timeless classic, and it seems that it will never go away – and for good reason. The French manicure can be played with and altered in so many interesting ways. This year, more and more people are turning to a simple yet playful French tip with colour. Many artists and clients are finding that the brighter the colour, the cooler the nails!

Check out this beautiful pink and black, square shaped set that Candice (A.K.A @trucksteps84 on Instagram) got done at Divine Nails!

5 April Nail Trends to Wear in 2022


5 April Nail Trends to Wear in 2022

#2: Rhinestone Trimmings

Rhinestones and sparkles are a sure way to add an extra BAM to any nail style and colour. We are seeing more and more people wearing rhinestones and sparkles on their clothing, makeup and even hair – so why not on their nails! It is a good way to accent any style or shape, and make a basic looking manicure a classy, sexy nail statement.

Divine Nails Red Deer - 5 April Nail Trends to Wear in 2022 Canada
5 April Nail Trends to Wear in 2022

#3: Coffin Nails

Coffin nails are a hybrid of Stiletto nails (the long-pointed style commonly seen). Though, stilettos are beautiful, one wrong move, and you may puncture your skin or hurt yourself. The beauty may not be worth the pain, especially when you can get coffin nails. They are perfect for those who want stilettos, but don’t want the hassle of wearing them. They are dramatic and beautiful!

Nail Trends
Divine Nails Red Deer - Nail Trends 2022

#4: Astonishing Accents

A nail for every single occasion and outfit would be a dream come true! These simple accent nails are perfect for just that! These nails can often be seen on the runway as they are so diverse and can complete a fun, simple look, or an elegant fancy appearance.

#5: Powdered Pastels

Powdered Pastels have always been a classic spring nail trend, but like the French manicure, it evolves. In 2022, the pastels that people are going for are even lighter and softer than before. If you haven’t tried this style out, now is a great time!

Divine Nails Red Deer - The best Nail Trends 2022
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