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11 Nail Art Trends for 2022 You’ll Want to Try Immediately

Posted by: admin_divine
Category: Nails
Divine Nails Red Deer - 11 Nail Art Trends DVN Nails

Pastel Flowers

A subtle twist on a classic that is sure to work for any occasion.

Divine Nails Red Deer - Pastel Flower Nails

Animal Print

Go as wild or as mild as you want.

Divine Nails Red Deer - Animal Print Nails

Bright Designs on Dark Backgrounds

Flipping the classic dark-on-light look on its head, there is no end to the looks you can create with a light or neon design on top of a dark base coat.

Divine Nails Red Deer - Light on Dark Nails

Foil Art

This eye-catchy design works for all seasons.

Divine Nails Red Deer - Foil Art Nails

Black Tips

Be bold with a twist on the classic French Manicure.

Divine Nails Red Deer - Black Tip Nails

Multicolour Pastels

Who says your nails have to be the same colour in order to match?

Divine Nails Red Deer - Multicoloured Pastel Nails

V-Shaped French Tips

Add a modern twist to a classic French Manicure with vibrant, V-shaped nail tips.

Divine Nails Red Deer - V Shaped Tip Nails

Cute Kitty Cats

This design is purr-fect for all the cat lovers out there.

Divine Nails Red Deer - Cute Kitty Cat Nails

Simple Flames

We love the subtlety of this attention-grabbing design.

Divine Nails Red Deer - Simple Flames Nails

Ombre Nails in Neutral Colours

Ombre nails are always a win, and we love elevating the timeless look with neutral tones and glittery accents.

Divine Nails Red Deer - Neutral Ombre Nails

Marbled Colours

The possibilities are endless as to which colours you can use in this trendy marbling technique.

Divine Nails Red Deer - Marbled Nails

Author: admin_divine